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Quiet Weekend

Sadly, the last Christmas decorations were put in the garage for 11 more months. Kelsey and I started the weekend with a very quick walkabout in Old Town. The temperature was 8 degrees and there was wind...who knows what "the wind chill factor" was but I can tell you that only a half dozen vendors were out. We rushed off to breakfast. Our weather has been sort of wintery, not as bad as South Dakota or Minnesota, but definitely wintery. I didn't go outside to take any photos because of the cold wind, the freezing rain and snow, and my tender condition (that being I hate being uncomfortable!). And since the kids' schools have been delayed and/or cancelled, they are up to their eyeballs in makeup homework. So...I have no models and nothing new to post (I started a new 2015 catalogue). Until....poor Mandi just happened to wander by and decided to give me a few poses. I couldn't resist the tongue shot. She wanted to play...I was, I thought.Mandi


Dreary, Cold, Miserable