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Sunrise...Just Another One?

Just another? No. Not at all. Each sunrise is special. I was out early again today to check out my obsession with a certain building's "de-construction." I took a few shots of the building but also noted lots of other things so I won't post my de-construction pics but will start with the others! I posit that early morning is a magic zone where dazzling and dragging things can happen at the same time. I went into the day focusing on my building but noticed the sun hitting the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in a most spectacular fashion. Certainly I thought that those driving on the nearby interstate would also notice and would probably slow down to see the USPTO in all its glory. Maybe not. I had gone into the metro station to get some elevation for my shots and vowed that this week I would not be distracted by trains. Fat chance. The first shot is the USPTO building. The second is of a metro train leaving the station. I had to hurry---nothing was set up and I literally ran the tripod to the edge of the tracks, adjusted the ISO, shutter speed and f/stop...pointed, hoped, shot. Not great but not bad. The feeling of speed and "going away" was on my mind and that's the story I tried to tell.USPTO at SunriseTrain Leaving The Station

The Building

Merry Christmas