Welcome! This is the place I write about Things I Notice in my daily walkabouts as well as what I might think about things in my world.

Old Town Manassas Walkabout

I went to a NAPP walkabout today in Manssas. There were about twenty of us and a couple of hundred walkers for Alzheimers. Plus the Farmers Markets. LOTS of walkers! Cars everywhere! But I was in a different part of the world (for me) and had a good time. I walked about for about two hours...but was always drawn back to the train station. The phone is from the station, the train "truck" was from a car across the street. Imagine being "tied" to an actual phone line?!?Old PhoneTrain Truck in Manassas

A couple of more from the World Wide Photo Walk

What Can They Be Thinking? Life at the Top!