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'Tis the Season

We seemed to have fallen into the Holiday Trap---squeezing too many activities into too little time. However I think the rush of finishing "to-do" and shopping lists might be almost over. Kelsey has a very intense week of projects and exams, Kirsten is finished with her tests but is working full time, Diane is being super efficient as we go from one event packed day to another, Kyle is trying to keep track of school, homework, and chores...and me, I can't seem to get enough naps. Kelsey and I did a high speed walkabout in Old Town Saturday after breakfast with our friend but there weren't many people or vendors in the market. Well, not as many as usual. I took this shot of a "Wreath Stand" and then made the "feel" of the photo more nostalgic. Or maybe it's just more cartoonish. What do you think?Christmas Wreath


Diane Singing