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We have been blessed throughout this year and are very thankful for all of our family, near and far; for our friends; for our faith;  and for so many things. Of course, one day certainly isn't enough time to be as thankful as we need so we are working on being thankful every day. Dinner and the formal celebration included ALL of our family plus seven friends. Everyone baked, cooked, mixed, combined or something some sort of food product...we shared each other's bounty and cooking skills. I can fairly say that Kyle was not a fan of his mom's Brussel Sprouts. I cooked a turkey...but...I misread the recipe. I had to call everyone and admit that dinner would be served two hours later than originally planned, unless they didn't mind very rare turkey.  I don't think anyone minded, we used the extra two hours to gab and I took Christmas pics of anyone who was interested. It was an awesome day. The shot below is from a walkabout a few weeks ago, I've modified the layers to give it an oil painting look. Almost Norman Rockwell---not quite.American Thanks

Morrison House - The Grille **