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Chilly, Blustery Day

Kelsey and I had breakfast and then went to the market to find parsnips and other stuff for soup. While we were there we stopped to say hello to George Sifakis and meet his wife Adriana. We bought the book and took a few shots of them and George even took some of Kelsey, Adriana, and me. They were fun to talk with and were okay with the cold weather although they'd been out in it for several hours.  I will read the book next to the fireplace one night although the title scares me a little: "S.W.A.K., a novel of ultimate betrayal".  I wasn't the only one taking pictures, I think a photo club was out and about also. The light was harsh and you can see the harshness in the lens reflections of the black and white shot. The last one is of handmade Santa Dolls. Santas from all over the world, all races, ethnic dress...international Santa Day at the market.Adriana & George SifakisPhotographers AboundHandmade Santas

Soup Night!

Water-Glass Music