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I Am Pretty Sure That Fall Is Here

Baseball season is over. Or at least it's over here in the DC area. That's the first sign that fall is really here. Then there's that other sport, the football one. DC has a local team for that, sort of. Not really sure since I don't watch football and I don't like the name. I know enough to avoid the beltway in SE DC on local game days. The leaves are starting to turn. The weather is sometimes in the 40s at night. School buses seem to be everywhere. And...homecoming.  Our middle child is getting older and is interested in sports, or...whatever. For me, homecoming night is a great night to sit indoors next to the fireplace. And worry. Kelsey didn't like this shot...so I decided to "Mona Lisa" it up a little which is the lower of the two.Kelsey-101"Mona Kelsey"

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