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A Strange Week

The week is over. I am very happy about that. Different kinds of stress, different kinds of opportunities. The weekend has been great and included a walkabout in Old Town and a visit with our friend Bob and his visiting sister. In addition to shopping the Farmers Market, Old Town was having its annual Art Festival. We walked through dozens of the festival tents housing artists from all over the eastern seaboard.  Intellectual energy and innovation was everywhere. Of course, this is where art meets commerce and I hope they were successful. Some of the photography exhibits were stunning. The photographers are doing more with the Photoshop pallet and manipulating or enhancing reality. I am seeing more fusion of the power of the photograph with the creative power of their minds. Inspirational and yet very difficult for me to imagine doing things like these very talented people do every day. But...why not start simply. From another walkabout in Annapolis.Sailboat in Annapolis HarborWell, obviously Chris didn't like the single "double exposure," so now the challenge is to add even more!! I found an old (1800s) nautical chart and merged with this one! Perhaps this one is more interesting.Annapolis With Chart

The Hummers Are Humming -- Away.

At some point...