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Colorado Drive-about

We took a drive into the foot hills around Colorado Springs and ended at the Garden of the Gods. Definitely an interesting place and somewhere that I would have liked to get out at various places and do a short walk about!! But, no...the roads where all the really scenic views could be captured were "walk to..." kinds of places. There was no place to park where I wanted and there were signs everywhere warning people not to stop on the road. The conspiracy here is that they have parking lots and that they encourage you to actually walk to the scenic viewpoints. That's all well and good for the native 20-somethings but given my consistent requirement for oxygen, that didn't work out so well for me. This was taken from a place not so far from the parking lot. Note the group of people walking on the rocks looking for that perfect view. Or maybe rattlesnakes.  Hmmmmm.Garden of the Gods

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