Welcome! This is the place I write about Things I Notice in my daily walkabouts as well as what I might think about things in my world.

And We Wonder...

This is a shot I took on a short walkabout last night at dusk. One minute in a meeting---shazzam---then onto the street with my camera.  Well...wasn't quite that fast in real life, but for me it was like lightning!! I learned a lesson last night: if you are going to be in a bicycle town and you are going to be out at night...you must, I repeat must, wear some sort of lighting device to warn speeding bikers that you're there. Most of them are twenty somethings who feel they must go as fast as they can and are angry at you because you are walking where they are riding. And I wasn't in the street!! Although this shot makes me look like I'm in the middle of the 14th Street Bridge heading into Virginia. The long exposure gives an eerie sense of weird traffic. Same as in real life. A nice night, many photos, one or two good ones. More later!!Fourteenth Street Bridge DC

Sunset Over The Pentagon

In DC, Being Artful