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"It's All About My Space!"

Apparently, no matter who you are, where in the world you are, or even whether or not you're human...it's all about "My Space." This is (I think) a young woodpecker in our front yard and he was definitely hogging the feeder. The blur you see in the lower right corner is some sort of grey bird that dared to land on the feeder at the same time as Woodie. You can see Woodie's reaction. He did watch the intruder for several seconds (lower shot) until the intruder started to eat from the feeder. Then Woodie literally leapt at the intruder like a snake striking at its prey. Fairly dramatic. But...they all are if it's about space.The Attacking WoodpeckerJust before the attack

Summertime! And the Livin' Is Easy...

Front Yard Photoshoot!