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B-52 With A Mig Kill !!

My friend took me out to the USAF Academy. My first time. Hmmmm. We were greeted at the entryway with this GIANT airplane so I had to stop for photos. This workhorse was a B-52D, a model that had the tail gunner sitting in the back -- IN THE TAIL.  I am told that the tail would actually move left and right about 20 feet because of the dynamic pressures of the airplane. I am assuming that all the little bomb symbols on the plane were from successful bombing runs in Vietnam. Interestingly enough, if you look closely, you can see a little "Mig." The Mig was a Soviet fighter used by North Vietnam. This Mig attacked Diamond Lil and got a "comeuppance" from A1C Albert Moore. Hey ALBERT!!! You can read more about this jet on the USAF site.B-52  Diamond Lil

Colorado Drive-about

High Noon On Denver Walkabout