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A Day Of...

Well, I'm not sure what the day was. I think that perhaps it was a day of waiting but also I intuit that lots of stuff will start happening very soon, I have this feeling of standing on the brink and looking down. And...you know...I have this fear of heights. Still not sure how I survived being a fighter pilot, FAC, and IP. Diane starts a new job on Tuesday. My new job didn't quite make the pace my life requires. The kids are out of school and in "camp." Still...seems like something should be happening. I was sort of hoping that the broken air condition would magically fix itself. Harumph on that. Fortunately the weather isn't bad. Yet.When Kyle, Kelsey, and I were looking for Jamestown last week, we were driving by a beach and Kelsey said, "This is probably as close to the beach as I will get." Followed by a huge sigh. I think she was making a pitch for going to some sort of beach trip which is just one step (for me) above going to the dentist. But of course, being slightly contrarian and actually curious, I pulled into the park that overlooked the beach. And, there we were, "on the beach." And the sand was great, the waves were gentle, the place wasn't crowded. But the park closed at sunset and that's what time it was. We walked around without shoes until the orange ball of fire was getting ready to disappear. I took this shot. Kelsey has been to the beach.Sunset at Jamestown Beach


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