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Farm Implements

An interesting word -- "Farm Implement," that really means "Farm Machinery." Of course I see the utility of the word combination but I still don't see the intuitiveness. My failing. I had a short walkabout yesterday on a friend's property. The very large lot had a 150+ year old barn and some farm implements. Although I am from rural America, I was a city kid and farm life to me was an abstract (I should mention that the "city" was all of about 10,000 people, 4th largest in the state). I did visit my cousin Henry's family farm and explored my friend Ev's uncle's ranch but those were time limited explorations where I learned about hogs, fresh milk, rattlesnakes, recalcitrant horses, and other country things. But implements...that was not for me. The closest I came was with Ev. His uncle had an old WWII Willy's jeep that he let us 13-14 year olds drive on the ranch. There were no brakes but you could downshift VERY effectively. The first time out however, Ev forgot about that and we drove right through a barb wire gate when he pushed the brake pedal and the clutch to stop, but of course we didn't and we and the jeep were covered in barbed wire.  We spent the rest of the day fixing that gate up to the original condition.The following two farming implements were on my walkabout. I think the first one is a hay baler. I'm not sure about the second one. There is a "drive" and the wheels have treads. Any ideas?Hay Baler (?)Mystery

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