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Birthday's Eve

What a great surprise to see Kirsten walk in the door yesterday. I didn't think she could get away from her job but she did!! All five of us haven't been together since Christmas and that seems like a long time. Lots of laughter, fun and good food. Yesterday morning the rain stopped...after what seems like days. I worry about the roots of the trees loosening in all the wet, so I hope we get dry weather. One of Kyle's ball games was cancelled so there will be a makeup tomorrow as well as a game today. Everything is in a bit of a flummox because some of the fields have been flooded. I am actually amazed they are playing at all.This 65th birthday thing is making me thoughtful. I remember when my dad turned 65, that was traumatic for him because back in the 70s, 65 was a MANDATORY retirement age in some industries. He worked for Armour & Co, a meat packing giant at one time. When he retired, Armour was a subsidiary of Greyhound Bus Corp. Both are pretty much gone now...not completely, but pretty much. Dad's career was terminated by a rule, he would not have chosen to retire, he was a workaholic and had really only one hobby, fishing. And going fishing in South Dakota is not a year round endeavor for most people. So when he retired, he retired. He and his friend Lennie went fishing in the summer but the rest of the year, not so much. I am not a workaholic (anymore) but I'm not ready to retire. Even after I retire I am pretty sure I will be doing something. Maybe go to med school. Hah!Kyle got a home run in practice this week, his first, I wasn't there. I hope to see his first game home run soon. I was inspired to do the photo below of Kyle by the cover on the "Photoshop" magazine. The tornado and grass are photos by James Thew, I just morphed them all into "Kyle, The Tornado!" Kyle At Bat

Happy Birthday To Me!

Viking Long Boat