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Life Comes At You Fast

I haven't been out with my camera in quite a while. This shot is from today's date, same time, last year. I very clearly remember those days, between the biopsy/diagnosis and the surgery. The waiting was excruciating. But zoom...it's been a year. Prognosis is outstanding, drug therapy and healing is ongoing. Life is fortunately going on and fortunately going on in a better way. Or maybe life goes on in the same way but we are looking at things through a different lens. Enough nostalgia.My resolutions--(1) complaining. Well.  I can't (won't complain), but this is not as easy as I first thought. But I am doing better. Much better. Down to less than a dozen (or so) complaints a day. Kelsey says that "judgments" should count. I say that judgments are just observations. Hmmmm...  (2) Reading in "In the Night of Time."  I have started. The author is trying to draw a mental picture of every detail in every scene and give me the deepest thought trail of every character. O.M.G. Shades of Tolstoy.  I will read this but I am giving myself until Christmas. I also bought "Duty." I am well into that.Sunrise on Jan 19, 2013

It's Summer. No. Winter. No. Spring. No. Winter. No........

At Last, The New Year and My Resolutions