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Merry Christmas To All

I sat in a chair last night and looked at our tree--covered with ornaments that we picked out with some passion & emotion from a day long gone by. For some of them, I remember that emotion. When we put them on the tree, sometimes years after the purchase, we don't take the time to remember each ornament's specialness. But now, in the quiet of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I remember many of them. All about Faith, Hope, and Love. The gift of Christ--the reason for the Season--offered these three. A Sense of Magic, a sense of hope, a certainty of faith, and the greatest of all---love. Our family enjoyed that magic  last night which is continuing today. We hope the same for our friends and family, wherever they might be: South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New York, DC, Sweden, Philippines, and on and on. I want all that magic to stay a little longer in my life, I hope you do too.Believe in the Magic of Christmas  

An Evening in Old Town

Christmas Eve