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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

But before going to the happy things--

I had occasion to admit my advanced chronological experience this past week. Twice. The first time was at the local bagel store picking up bagels for a family breakfast. Without asking, without blinking, without any long glances or studying or even apparently a long thought, the lady at the cash register gave me a senior discount!!! I don't really know how to describe the feeling I had...sort of like knowing your air mattress is slowly deflating while sleeping on sharp rocks. I'm sure you've seen those "What the hell happened?" posters and although I intellectually admit that I am no longer carded for alcohol...this was different. And so I guess i have to admit: I won't be climbing Everest, I won't be changing my career to hollywood star, and I probably won't be going on that world rock and roll tour. I am flabbergasted. Oops, I just dated myself. The humanity!! And then to top off the horror of reality sinking in, later that day my children beat me in Foosball. Owwwwww. The crashing of my ego was palpable. A loud thunk as the last point smacked into the goal and the screaming high fives from across the table. O! M! G!

Now. Christmas.

The family is together! Hurray! Kirsten is home from school and Kelsey and Kyle have started winter break. And...Diane is taking several days of vacation!! The house is decorated (with care, of course) and Kelsey has organized the wrapping of presents, the careful placing of them under the tree, and has no doubt mentally choreographed the Christmas Eve gift giving ritual. There are lots of smiles this Season and we are determined to breathe deeply, enjoy the gift of Christmas, and share as we can. Yesterday was shopping day for me, Kirsten, and Kelsey. Kelsey and I went to this awesome design store, Decorium, in Old Town Alexandria. What a fun, fun place all the time but this time of year...well, I felt like I had dropped through the rabbit hole into a completely different world. A really unusual place. I looked up and saw a magnificent white peacock perched on a fabulous chandelier. This made me really smile and think about who the buyer might be! Kelsey was standing just below the bird and tried on a crown suitable for a pixie in the Wonderland of a Store. Decorium White PeacockKelsey

Christmas Eve

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