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A Gorgeous Fall Day

I headed out early this morning for Old Town. I love the smells and sounds (and sights) of a city waking up.  I got to the waterfront a little late but there was a chance for a reflection shot. Turns out that was the subconcious theme for today with three of the shots I'll post. This first one is taken next to the Old Dominion Boat Club. Alexandria is trying to take the Boat Clubs property for hotels or shops or something. The Club is resisting. The struggle has been going for years...decades probably. The water was still.Potomac River Not too far away, the food trucks were unloading. The trucks have to stop in the street since there are no loading or unloading zones which really makes traffic a mess which is why, I think, they come early in the morning. I can't image what the beer truck drivers put up with. I just missed the garbage truck that was collecting the trash from alleyway. Again, the sounds and smells and sights are very cool. These folks want to be done before the real crowds arrive.Food TruckI walked  to the Farmer's Market which is really why I was here so early. People were gathered, chatting, gossiping, buying their weekly flowers, veggies, whatever. A festive place filled with the emotion and colors of fall. I saw Diane's surgeon and talked with him a bit; was engaged by a couple looking to buy a camera for their upcoming travels; and talked with a woman carrying two FILM cameras, including a 320! I really like the market and feeling of the market. I wonder if that will change if they bring all the big hotels onto the waterfront...probably not. I bought some kale, beets, and bread.One Corner of the Old Town Farmers' MarketFall VeggiesOf course, I'm interested in unusual pictures and reflections are something I am attracted to taking. One large, plate glass window on King Street provided me the "canvas" I needed. Taking pictures of people without taking pictures of people. I wonder if I should have taken the shot.Reflections  

To Those Who Serve - Thank You

The Old Post Office Pavilion