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Washington Monument

I procrastinated.  When the earthquake hit last year, the Washington Monument was damaged and scaffolding was erected all around and all the way up the Monument. I hadn't seen the monument at night but everyone knew that the scaffolding was spectacularly lit. I assumed that there was a photo op and that I would get there. But I procrastinated. And then I heard that the scaffolding was coming down starting November 4 and that the lights wouldn't be on after November 3. So...downtown I went. I actually spent all day there, in the Smithsonian, on the Mall, just walking. Got there at 9:00 a.m. and left at 7:00 p.m.  I was by myself because Diane was minding the fort and carrying the kids from one activity to another. If I hadn't waited until the last minute, we might have all been able to come down, or at least the two of us. But I procrastinated. I won't ever put things off again. Yeah. YouBetcha. I'll get right on that...but wait, here's a couple of shots from last night. The first is just before sunset, the Monument lights aren't on yet. The second is after sunset but I've boosted the ISO--it's a lot darker than what it looks like in the photo.Washington Monument - UnlitWashington Monument - Lit

The Old Post Office Pavilion

The World Is Your Oyster