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Fall At Last

Fall is here with leaves slowly dropping and covering everything. When I was very young (1950s), we burned our leaves in a big barrel in the alley. Everyone burned their leaves and even in windblown South Dakota the smoke was thick during the fall. I can't imagine the smoke that must have gathered over the larger, metropolitan areas. Oh...and there were lots of coincidental grass fires. That smell of burning leaves and the accompanying tingle of crisp air--signs of fall that still remain buried in my brain. I swear I smell the leaves burning when the air gets cold in the fall.I can't say that I'm sad to see this year of challenge begin to end. We've learned a great deal about each other and life during the last ten months. But quite frankly, I'm tired. I need a challenge, something new, something invigorating. I'm pretty sure it's right around the corner.Kyle wrapped up fall ball on Saturday. His team, "The Storm," finished 11-2 for the season. They had  fun and met lots of new kids since we traveled to different leagues in the county. Of course, as a parent you sit there and want your child to get a hit, catch the ball, make the play, etc., etc., etc. But they are just 11 and can't always get the thing done. The kids don't understand that, they feel they should be in MLB. That's where parenting comes in. Kyle Swinging

The World Is Your Oyster

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