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Military - Americans In Wartime Museum

Kyle and I headed south to see the tanks running in the "live" museum. The Americans in Wartime Museum has a live tank and firepower demonstration. Every year, I'm told. Kyle and I drove down this year. Even with the threatening downpour there was a good turnout. We saw WWI, WWII US, British, German and Soviet tanks along with lots of smaller wartime artifacts. It was a fun walkabout and we learned a great deal about the way the troops lived and fought. The USMC provided a large firepower demo of WWII weapons and tactics. This included a flamethrower, although they only had it loaded with gasoline and not the gel of the real war. There were Soviet re-enactors, too. Kyle got to hold a Soviet submachine gun. He had a demonstration of Cossack swordplay with a very informative talk about the Cossack and his Shashka (sword). The Cossack did a demo, then gave Kyle a water bottle and said, "Throw the bottle at me!" Kyle did and he sliced the bottle in half before being hit! Pretty cool although I don't know how he did it with his eyes closed!!!!WWII FlamethrowerCossack and his Shashka Slicing Water Bottle 

Horseman, hmmm, no, Cavalry!

Shopping! Hmmm...maybe not.