Season 5, Episode 1

Or, session 5, week 1. Our timing is a bit messed up because of the holiday, the chemo was on a Tuesday vice Monday so all the other activities, meds, etc., were adjusted. She is actually doing quite awesome so far, day four is usually the really, really bad day so no chickens are being counted yet. I think she will really gut this day out though, since this afternoon is Kyle’s State Regional Baseball championship game. They go to the state tournament no matter what happens at this game but today, they play their archrivals and so Diane says she is not missing the game. And, of course, as the resident nagger and conservative caregiver, for today my opinion is not on a channel she watches. She is not admitting to any really bad symptoms although she did go back to bed. Fortunately, the game is a home game so we are only a mile or so away from the school.

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