Session 4, Week 1

Sounds like a TV series, perhaps I should say “Season 4, Episode 1” to more fully align with modern day news exchange. I mean…what will we do when Game of Thrones, “The Final Episode” is aired and Bran is on the Iron Throne…really? Now you know, I really don’t know anything about how GOT will end.

Chemo was yesterday and took longer than normal. From a purely customer service viewpoint long waiting isn’t perfect until you consider the reason they were taking longer was that the chairs were unexpectedly  mostly full. We were glad to be there, of course, because “Chemo is our friend” as an old Bird Dog bandmate and cancer patient says but he adds,  “Although, a cruel friend,” ahhhh, a Game of Thrones-like friend! It all went relatively well except for the port “tube” that goes from the mediport to an artery deep in my bride’s body. Because of scar tissue and other things, the tube must go on top of the clavicle, clearly visible to even the most casual of all observers. And also not protected by the bones and body like many of mediports. But, this was the least intrusive option and that’s what we have. The issue is some swelling and some psychedelic color effects around the tube (not the port). There wasn’t a color show during chemo, that was last week…but…they want us to check. And so we head off to find out about this side effect by getting an ultrasound. Ah, side effects, ya gotta luv ’em! The medical folks all say it’s probably nothing but we need to check.

She’s still doing great, staying busy, taking care of the family and the house. Tonight, however, the “bad shot” will hit and she will take a break for a couple of days. Then we get to take care of her!!

Many years ago I went to Chicago. I wanted to juxtaposition the old with the new and the best way to do that was to look up. And for us, finishing “Seasons 1-3” means things are looking up here, too!

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline



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