Color or B&W

A friend recently challenged me to appreciate color images a bit more. In fact, I do appreciate them…but mostly when they’re done in black and white! Hah…not really.  I believe that some of my images are more properly viewed in B&W. Remember my three stories: my story when I found the image, the story in the image, and the story of those that enjoy my image? I am drawn to color more when action or sparkle or joy is the theme or story I see and feel. When the story is more about the mood, the ambiance, the humanity of the story…then I will usually switch to black and white. Not always. The image below is one of the times I am on the fence, I felt the slow flow of the Accotink Creek heading for the Potomac. No overwhelming action feelings or even sparkle but the thought of this little creek adding to the power of the Potomac made me see color.

This is the end of Diane’s third week, the good one. And she’s halfway through the chemo process. Each three week “course” gets crappier and crappier while she gets scrappier and scrappier. Chemo is over in mid-June then she gets a month off. Then surgery. Then a month off. Then a month of radiation. And that…is when cancer’s ass is kicked!!

Accotink Creek

Slow moving Accotink

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