Standing Up…

Over the last several weeks our country and our neighbors have been ravaged by hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Most of Puerto Rico has no water, no food, damaged homes, ravaged infrastructure. People in Florida have lost homes, neighborhoods, communities. First responders have come from all over the US to provide aid and comfort. Medical assistance is strained. Heat. Debris. Confusion. Death. Loss. Sorrow. Tears.

Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Louisiana…Harvey, Irma, Maria… Where is the news coverage? Where is the attention of our president and our congress? Not on disaster recovery but on the flag. I wore a military uniform for many years, I stand for the flag, then and now. But, I wore the uniform to protect our right to NOT stand…to protect our right to speak, the right to care, and the right for justice. In totalitarian regimes, the citizens are required to stand for their flag or face imprisonment. I don’t want that here. I am heartened by the power of the flag, that it’s so important to the protesters that they choose the flag to demonstrate the depth of their passion.

Flag on the USCGC Eagle

Flag on the USCGC Eagle

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